9 Health & Wellness Trends To Blog About (Like, Now!)

9 Health & Wellness Trends To Blog About (Like, Now!)
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New health and wellness trends are emerging every year, and Pinterest data suggests a few key areas proving more popular than others.

With the rise of health-conscious consumers, people are looking for greater everyday wellness and everything from information on wellness tourism to workplace wellness and how to live a healthy lifestyle is in high demand. 

Did you know? Pinterest is really a huge search engine, and similarly to Google, people use it to find out how to do something and learn stuff. Making it a great place to scout for the latest trends in health and wellness to get ideas for content.

Suppose you’re a health and wellness coach, looking to increase your audience visibility and get more bookings for your business. You’ll need to know what your audience cares about and is searching for online.

In that case, you’ll want to pay attention to the latest health and wellness trends and include them in your blogs, emails, social media marketing, and more! 

Find out the nine trends topping the interest charts in 2020 below.

Wake-Up With Chicory Coffee

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It’s dangerous territory to suggest ditching coffee (take a breath, caffeine lovers), but Chicory Root is the new gut-health alternative in town! In 2020, Chicory Root benefits saw an increase of +91% in Pinterest searches. A medicinal drink that acts as a prebiotic, stabilising blood sugar and aiding weight loss. It tastes similar to ground coffee beans and has become a popular coffee substitute. Try running a 5-day challenge for your readers to switch out their coffee for chicory root drink and see their feedback.

Disconnect To Connect

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It’s time to put down the phones and be present. Ironically, Pinterest searches for ‘social media detoxing’ are up by +314% this year; it’s obvious we need to intervene! If you run retreats and getaways that include social detoxing, now is the time to share the benefits. Share your wisdom online and offer guidance on how they can do this in their own home or on a getaway. A four-hour phone-less challenge, a weekend away in the woods with no signal, or a week-long social detoxing retreat. The goal? To start doing the things they love again.

Make The Moss Out Of It

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Are you looking for new ingredients to amp up your vegan recipes? This health and wellness trend is for you! Pinterest searches for Sea Moss is up +380%. A mineral-rich superfood, it’s said to improve the immune system, boost skin health and even heighten the libido (bonus!). Share ways your audience can incorporate Sea Moss in their daily self-care rituals. Think face mask recipes or ways to add it as a supplement to juices, smoothies, and salads. Create a mini guide to using sea moss and give it away in return for email signups, to give your subscribers a healthy boost!

Boogie On!

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Interest in mood-boosting playlists has increased by 85% on Pinterest this year. The power of music is real. If listening to music and dancing your heart out is something that boosts your mood, share your care-free moves on Instagram, and watch the ‘likes’ boogie in! Incorporate mood-booster music in your yoga classes, online meditation sessions, and in general everyday life, or share a weekly wellness playlist on your blog, and encourage people to subscribe to your playlists.

Get Crafty With It

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

On Pinterest, the popularity of Art Therapy has skyrocketed with searches up +444% in 2020. Are you a mindfulness and wellbeing coach? Share ways your audience can include activities such as pottery, adult colouring books, knitting, or if they want to get creative, body painting, into their weekly routines. Hearing about the healing effects of Art Therapy, such as decreasing stress and helping regrounding themselves, from experts like you will get your audience interested!

YOLO With Ylang Ylang Oil

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Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing scent from a diffuser? Enter Ylang Ylang oil! Known for its abilities to reduce anxiety, help depression, and boost self-esteem. Ylang Ylang is a popular oil used in aromatherapy. 2020 has been a stressful year for many, so it’s no surprise that Pinterest searches for this relaxing oil is up +91%. Do you run meditation, yoga, or breathing classes? Include some aromatherapy featuring Ylang Ylang oil, and watch the tension in your students’ shoulders just melt away.

Feel The Flow

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Ways to Feng Shui one’s space has seen an increase in Pinterest searches this year (+137%). The pandemic had us up close and personal with our stuffy rooms and over-crowded drawers. To help bring order to chaos, invite people to try this health and wellness trend. Share ways to re-energise and de-stress by having a well organised and free-flowing home. Write a blog to help your audience learn how best organise their space for productivity, relaxation, and stress-release. Start with a one-area or room challenge, such as their desk or their bedroom, and then expand on it. Also, share your feng shui to build a personal connection and inspire action.

No Partner? No Problem!

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Living our best single life has increased in popularity by +49% on Pinterest this year. Quarantine saw many people ‘consciously uncoupling’ and choosing a relationship with themselves instead. If you’re a wellness or relationship coach, gather stories from your readers on how being single positively affected their life or share empowering quotes, life tips, self-affirmations, and self-affirmations in your blogs on how great being single can be. One of our favourite tips? ‘Stay weird.’ To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance (just a gentle reminder for us all).

Ready, Set, Journal

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Who am I? It’s time to write it down and find out! According to Pinterest, journaling tips increased by +147% searches this year. Do you coach people on their journey to self-discovery? Share a guide or a personal story in an email to your readers on how journalling is a valuable mental well-being practice. Provide prompts on how to get started; ‘How you doin’ girl?’, ‘What three things are you grateful for today?’ ‘who inspires you?’. Provide tips on making it a daily habit and share various journaling; daily journals, self-affirmation journals, bullet journals, and more. They’ll be reaching for their pens in no time!

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