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  • Because life's too short (insight module)

    'Coz Life's Too Short

    Several years ago, I had it all – a successful career, loving friends and family, a fantastic apartment – things I’d worked hard to achieve and yet, I was deeply unsatisfied. I felt lost, confused and anxious a lot of the time. My soul was calling for change, and yet I had no idea how to answer the call.

    Finally, I took a leap of faith and went all-in in the pursuit of financial independence, creative fulfilment and self-made success.

    Now I live in Dahab, Egypt, where I’ve created a lifestyle that fills me up from the inside out. No more living for the weekend or struggling for work/life balance. Every day I wake up energised and looking forward to whatever comes my way.

    This isn’t luck. I was determined to create a lifestyle where work, play, community, contribution, and well-being are valued equally. To be somewhere that supports my growth and where I can make a difference. I prioritised my happiness, and I want the same for you.

    After rewriting my entire life, I’m now committed to helping you dream bigger and create an expansive lifestyle filled with all your favourite things. 

  • Dreamer

    I believe living a meaningful life, in an environment that ignites your spark, where your wellbeing isn't ignored, surrounded by nourishing relationships and being valued for your unique talents and qualities doesn't need to be a dream.  I dreamed of real love, working from anywhere, and being in control of my income and destiny. Now I pinch myself every day that the life I lead is mine! And guess what? You can lead your dream life, too! All it takes is a decision to dream big and start reaching for the stars.
    Learn how to be cosmic
  • Creator

    Being a creator is my life's work. You could say that using my words to share others’ gifts was written in the stars – or destiny! I've spent a career mastering the art of telling stories that build real-life connection and make a cosmic impact. Helping people, just like you, to make their self-made dreams come true. If you're a content writer, self-made person, or aspiring digital creator you'll find all the help you need to craft exceptional content. Are you ready to create better?
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Living the remote work dream in Dahab, Egypt and finding that flow-state feeling through freediving.

  • Flow-State Living

    When I hold my breath and freedive deep into the sea or swim underwater for 150+ metres, the world disappears, my inner critic quiets herself, and I listen to my mind and body with non-judgemental curiosity. When discomfort arises, I don’t struggle. I lean into it. And through the practice of acceptance and release, I’ve learned to trust myself, overcome anxiety and self-imposed limitations, and reshape my beliefs in ways that flow through every area of my life. Now I coach mindfulness and flow-state living principles to help others access their highest potential and find more moments of bliss.

    Flow-State Living (insight module)

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