Is Water Wellness Your Thing? Get 10 Beautiful Instagram Post Ideas (Inspired By Influencers)

Is Water Wellness Your Thing? Get 10 Beautiful Instagram Post Ideas (Inspired By Influencers)

Are you all about inspiring a healthy lifestyle and getting people into water wellness activities and want to know how to create incredible imagery that builds your followers organically on Instagram? 

With over 1blillion active Instagram users per month – and many of them using pages to window shop for their next wellness experience or destination – it’s one of the best ways to promote your on or under the water adventures.

But how do you get followers (which hopefully turn into customers)?

The answer is, inspiring content! Images and videos that make your viewers want to hit the follow button …and then the DM button asking to book!

Who better to turn to for Instagram post ideas than marine lifestyle influencers? Those waterlusting souls who’ve made a career out of travelling the world, doing awe-inspiring things in or around the water, and taking fabulous photos along the way. 

Shall we dive in?

1. Surf’s Up!

A former professional surfer turned environmentalist and founder of #RiseFierce wild swimming and yoga retreats @sophiehellyer makes wave riding look rad! Her Instagram will inspire any surf company or swimming club to get bookings for classes, boot camps and retreats.

2. Breathe Easy

We’re lucky to know the social media influencer @amphibiansoul featured here swimming with a group of manta rays. Her underwater lifestyle inspires thousands every day – I mean, marine wildlife lovers everywhere just added this to their bucket list! If you’re a wellness centre or provide health and wellness retreat activities, regularly sharing bucket-list imagery will keep your business front of mind, over others who offer a similar experience.

3. Refresh ‘N’ Recharge

The wind in her hair, a strapless summer dress, blue sky meeting even bluer ocean – we’re utterly BLUE with envy! With a post like this, Kiki of @theblondeabroad will inspire overworked office professionals to book that holiday they’ve been putting off all year. If you’re a wellness retreat with a beautiful place near the sea or any water location, regularly posting photos like this will have you booked up in no time.

4. It’s Going Swimmingly

The worldwide community of outdoor swimmers @theoutdoorswimmingsociety always have us reaching for our swimmers and spying where we can take our next freshwater or salty dip. This incredible image was snapped in Tahiti. The mountain-meets-coral vibes and the girl plunging head-first into the deep blue unknown makes us want to feel the invigorating kiss of the ocean on our skin. Inspire lunchtime escapist with enviable adventures and they’ll be putty in your hands.

5. ‘SUP?

@sup_becks is living the dream paddle boarding in U.K paradise. Here her dog joins her supping on the water at sunset and 800+ people agree that sundown and a cute dog makes for the perfect post for social media! If you’re a paddle boarding business or sell water-based activities, inspire people to take to the water with regular snaps of your local area (bonus points for including a furry friend!).

7. Wholesome Family Fun

I’ve included six posts from this family because they’re just so darn cute! @thebucketlsitfamily show off their life on social media, travelling the world and doing some super cool ocean activities along the way, such as swimming with whale sharks and surfing. If you’re a surfing or snorkel related marine business or even a company who organises family excursions, take inspiration from their cute posts to show potential families that these activities don’t have to be scary or dangerous!

8. Bubble Blowers

Scuba diver, @cj_yogidiver posts beautiful photos of her life exploring the ocean in different ways. Here she’s making scuba look pretty rad in a folded down shorty, holding her tank over her shoulder. This is a great post to inspire women who want to get into diving, to show that it’s no longer a hobby just for beefy men! If you’re a dive school or instructor looking for post ideas, an Instagram post like this is all the inspiration you need!

9. Wake Up!

@kristian_andersen95 is a filmmaker/photographer and top influencer who posts about his many adventure hobbies including wakeboarding! Doesn’t this post perfectly capture the excitement and thrill of wakeboarding? If you’re a marine tourism company that offers water-based activities such as wakeboarding, a picture from just the right angle could mean the difference between a slow season and a fully booked one.

9. Dream It. Sea It. Do It

With this Instagram post, @mikevisuals has brides-to-be everywhere adding the location to their honeymoon list. Two lovers dipping their feet in the warm ocean water as they admire the vast blue together. Dreamy! If you own a beachside wellness centre or wedding retreat consider ways to create a social media moment for people to capture images like this, and let your followers advertise for you!

Working With Influencers

Are you short on time to take scroll-stopping images and considering working with Instagram influencers to help you promote what you do? 

Great call! The benefit of working with an influencer who is already posting about fun marine activities or beautiful hotel locations near the sea is that their audience is likely the same as yours. No convincing needed!

Hi, I'm Sarah, cosmic witch, astrology addict, and a wellness and lifestyle writer teaching thirty-somethings how to dream bigger and live a more expansive life filled with all your favourite things.

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